Friday, 2 August 2013

Monkey Plays With Tiger Cubs

Some thing to learn?? from this episode.
we may be tigers but these monkeys play with us don't get irritated and feel defeated.
Teasing and playing is a part of someones nature of playing and enjoying.........tolerate.........
 Just keep your majestic nature intact.

The orchestra in my mouth

In a highly entertaining performance, beatboxer Tom Thum slings beats, comedy and a mouthful of instrumental impersonations into 11 minutes of creativity and fun that will make you smile.
Hip-hop musician Tom Thum whirls together beat boxing, performance and an array of mouth sounds.

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Stop the revolutions and let education evolve!

Allow education to evolve naturally in line with society -- as it always has -- rather than constantly trying to revolutionise it! Jane Ballantine, a former teacher and mobile-learning enthusiast/entrepreneur, analyzes different methods used to "fix" the education system and their mixed results as well as where the education system is currently going in the UK and overseas in light of the evolution and spread of modern mobile devices. The technology may be changing fast, but humans aren't; and our need for good and inspiring teachers remains.

Jane is an educationalist, e-learning expert and mobile app entrepreneur releasing educational apps She worked as a research scientist and engineer before her passion for education led her to retrain as a teacher. After five years teaching science and maths in London, she left the classroom to create innovative and award-winning e-learning products. Her company, Limitless Learning Limited, specialises in producing web-optimised learning materials for school-aged children

More pedagogic change in 10 years than last 1000 years

Search, links, media sharing, social media, Wikipedia, games, open source etc. are ground breaking shifts in the way we learn, says Donald Clark. Unfortunately, they're not matched by the way we teach. The growing gap between teaching practice and learning practice is acute and growing. 

Donald Clark is an evangelist for the use of technology in learning and has won many awards, notably the 'Outstanding Achievement in e-learning Award'.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Wild Dolphin "Asks" Divers to Help Free Itself from Hook

In this video, a bottle nosed dolphin with limited mobility due to a hook and fishing line restricting a pectoral fin, approaches some divers for help. Diving instructor noticed that the dolphin was hanging around them, and that it wasn't able to move freely. Closer inspection revealed the ocean debris lodged in the fin.

Thankfully, the dolphin not only allowed the divers to attempt to work the line and hook out 

of the fin, but actually shifted its body to make it easier.

The divers were able to remove the fishing line which allowed increased movement for the animal. Unfortunately, the hook was not able to be removed.

This is first time for me to see this type of video, even though the interaction between dolphins and humans is not new, but a this shows wild dolphins know that humans are tech animals and some time they help....

Motion of solar system in the 'Milky way'

Earth, planet we are living revolves around ‘Sun’ for its life.

Please see the planetary motion.
(Animation with details of motion of planets and their moons around the sun in circular paths) 

However today it is know that ‘Sun’ is not stationery, but revolves around the galaxy with a speed of 72,000 Km/hr.

This video depicts the motion of solar system in the Milky Way galaxy. 

Sunday, 28 July 2013

What's the Difference between an Atom and a Molecule?

Never be confused by this concept again! In this video, we talk about the difference between an atom and molecule, and discuss the nucleus, energy levels, protons and neutrons, compounds, covalent bonding, sharing electrons.

other videos of chemistry inYT channel of  Tyler DeWitt 

and his  website

Station Spacewalk on This Week @NASA

European Space Agency conducted a 6-hour, 7-minute spacewalk July 9 to replace a communications receiver, relocate grapple bars for future spacewalks and install cables for a future Russian laboratory module.

Other NASA video upadtes  channel NASA television

Cell Animation.

Introduction to Our Atmosphere

This HD dramatic video choreographed to powerful music introduces the viewer/student to our Atmosphere and its impact on our lives. It is designed as a motivational "trailer" to be shown by teachers of Meteorology, Earth Science, Biology and Physical Science in middle school, high school

other videos in you tube channel of Frank Gregorio

Also watch

BBC Power of the Planet: Atmosphere

AC vs DC

We all know Thomas Edison, his accomplishments are legendary, over 1000 patents were issued to this prolific inventor. Nikola Tesla, noted Serbian academic, was another inventor from the same period, He is the inventor of our modern electrical power grid. 
This video summarizes this accomplishment and the role that both Edison and Tesla played in this accomplishment.

Also see  Youtube channel "Science online" for few more

Speakers - Magnetism & Sound

Speakers exploit the interaction of magnetic fields to create sound waves. This video explains the process and describes how to construct a simple speaker.