Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Stop the revolutions and let education evolve!

Allow education to evolve naturally in line with society -- as it always has -- rather than constantly trying to revolutionise it! Jane Ballantine, a former teacher and mobile-learning enthusiast/entrepreneur, analyzes different methods used to "fix" the education system and their mixed results as well as where the education system is currently going in the UK and overseas in light of the evolution and spread of modern mobile devices. The technology may be changing fast, but humans aren't; and our need for good and inspiring teachers remains.

Jane is an educationalist, e-learning expert and mobile app entrepreneur releasing educational apps She worked as a research scientist and engineer before her passion for education led her to retrain as a teacher. After five years teaching science and maths in London, she left the classroom to create innovative and award-winning e-learning products. Her company, Limitless Learning Limited, specialises in producing web-optimised learning materials for school-aged children